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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I had been planning to write a post on why wedding photography seems so crazy expensive. Last night someone wrote pretty much exactly what I would have wrote, here:


My wedding business is slightly different from hers but not by much. My cost of living is a bit higher being based out of Washington, DC, the wedding season lasts a bit longer, and I have a few other segments of business. The fact remains: it is expensive and time consuming to run a professional photography business. Professional is the key word here. That means you have experience, continuing education, professional grade equipment, back up plans, insurance, you are reliable and prepared, and you don't cut corners on your products or services. And it means you are working within the law and paying your taxes. There are plenty of non-professionals out there willing to photograph a wedding on the cheap but brides must be willing to sacrifice one or several of the factors that differentiate a professional.

This is not a complaint. I consider myself super blessed to have art as part of my work. And unlike this blogger, I am not insulted by people with relatively low budgets. I am writing this because some people have a misunderstanding of the business side of photography and perhaps have never been educated on it. There is an assumption that all one needs is a high quality camera (which are very affordable these days) and one day of work to take home $2500. Clearly, there is much more involved in order to run a legitimate business, to stay in business and to maintain satisfied clients.

On an unrelated note... I was back in Southern California last week. It's still pretty there.

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