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Thursday, March 31, 2011



Last weekend I took a day off for a relaxing brunch with Stephanie and then a walk around the Tidal Basin  to check out the cherry blossoms. Since the blossoms only last about two weeks and are pretty unique to DC we braved the crowds and even managed to take a few photos along the way.

I have a few shoots planned among the cherry blossoms this week and next. If the rain let's up you'll see them on the blog soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Last weekend Shontel and Joel were sitting on a park bench in Old Town Alexandria, much like the one in the photos (actually it was the exact one in the photos!) after a quick stop at the ice cream shop. Shontel was confused why Joel would be reaching in his pocket during the middle of their conversation but it all became clear when he pulled out the ring. Right there, on that bench, she agreed to marry him.

They met last year at what they both thought was a costume party, dressed up as well... uh... we'll just say hillbillies, to stay as politically correct as possible. Turns out no one else dressed up. But somehow they were able to see past the cutoff jeans and NASCAR t-shirts and discovered the beginnings of a relationship, one that developed despite a great distance since Joel is actively serving our country in the military.

It was a blast hanging out with these guys and taking some photos in Old Town. Joel was a little apprehensive about posing for photos at first—I mean when your fiancĂ© says "Honey, we're going to take some professional photos today," most men don't really know what they're getting into. I try to make sure that dudes are looking as cool as the ladies are pretty, and to not make them do anything embarrassing. I knew that silly stuff wouldn't fly with a Marine like Joel anyway. At the end of the shoot it was really satisfying to hear from him that the session was a lot easier and more fun than he expected!

Friday, March 25, 2011



Last week I had a quick photo shoot with three of DC's most popular bartenders, one of whom will be on the cover of On Tap Magazine this month after winning a contest to see who the best bartender in DC is, based on the votes of On Tap readers. Because they are so popular (and busy) I only had a few minutes with each to get a portrait so I went the safe route and set up a white background and some soft even lighting. The first, Al, is from Black Cat. The second, Rachel, is from My Brother's Place. And the third, Dave, is from The Greene Turtle. Make sure to pick up a magazine next week to see who won!

Monday, March 21, 2011



This is Stephanie. She is new to Washington DC. And as evidenced by the photos, she likes looking pretty, laughing and doing the robot, in that order. And because she is my sister (fellas, no, you can't date her—and you're right, she is probably out of your league anyway) even after a long work day she was willing to help me test out a new light modifier that had just come in the mail by posing for an impromptu photo shoot.

I am a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to using Adobe Lightroom for editing and organizing photos. But I have had it for a few months now and it has saved me a TON of time. While Stephanie was busy doing the robot I was trying out Lightroom's tethering capabilities. So every time I would snap a frame, she could see it almost immediately on my computer screen. So cool!

Friday, March 11, 2011



This is my newest self portrait. I tend to take a photo of myself at least once a month for several reasons. First, it's fun to try new things with my equipment without the pressure of messing up an important shot. Second, I like seeing the gradual change in how I look over the years. And third, I like having photos of myself to use for marketing.

I took this shot because I have just finished restoring a beach cruiser AND because I wanted to test out a new giant parabolic umbrella that I have. The bike was in decent shape when I bought it but it was green and had stickers all over it. I took the whole thing apart and sanded down the frame, painted it black, reassembled the parts after cleaning them, and added new grips. At some point I might replace the pedals and if I ever have lots of free time on my hands, repaint the rims blue. Not likely. The umbrella is about 5 feet in diameter and throws a broad beam of light, so it was ideal for lighting up me and the bike while keeping the background fairly dark, even though it is an overcast but bright day. I bought another bike, a women's version, which I plan to do the same with but in white. I'm thinking that I could do some cool things with the bikes and engagement or anniversary photos.

In other news, while last year was my "Year of Networking," I decided that this is my "Year of Planning and Infrastructure." My photography business is growing quickly and I want to be ready to handle a larger volume of business over time while continuing to raise the bar and over deliver for my clients . Big plans are on the horizon and I'm looking forward to sharing them on this blog over the next few months.